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Dear Friends and fellow Lake Country Conservatives; 

As you know, the election is this tuesday. 

Graeme, is well within the scope of becoming the next MLA for Kelowna Lake Country. This riding is an extremely close three way race, with literally no more than 100 votes separating the winner from second place. 

These are the events we have planned for the next couple of days:

Sunday May 12 - Graeme will be in Oyama and the Lakes area of LakeCountry knocking doors. 
Monday May 13 - We will be having a rally, and waving signs for Graeme from 3-5pm at Reeds Corner on the Mohawk corner. Please join us if you can.
Tuesday May 14 - Burma shave - banner hang in traffic - 6:30 - 9:00am at the corner of 97 and 33 - on the Costco corner. Please join us if you can.

But, whatever you do please get out and vote early. This election will be extremely close and your vote counts! Talk to friends, talk to your neighbours do what you can. There is a real opportunity for Graeme and the BC Conservatives to play a significant role in the next government.

Media Release:

May 9, 2013


Mayor Gray’s Endorsement – Huge Disservice to Kelowna Citizens

Kelowna-Lake Country B.C. Conservative candidate Graeme James expressed disappointment with current Kelowna City Council Mayor Walter Gray.

“I was shocked and extremely surprised when Mayor Walter Gray basically endorsed the current three local MLA’s on a radio talk show earlier this week.

“I think it is a discouraging breach of privilege for a current Mayor to endorse anyone during a provincial or federal election - and Walter should know that better than anyone. He is not a rookie in this game.”

“That is an abuse of his position and power, anti-democratic - and wrong,” James admonished. 

“It is increasingly being postulated that May 15, we will have a minority NDP government, with Conservatives holding the balance of power, and if that happens it could be the people of Kelowna who pay the price for the Mayor’s indiscretion. The mayor has effectively alienated both groups to the detriment of the citizens of Kelowna. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, and that’s why we have a private ballot but as Mayor - he needs to represent all constituents,” said James.

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For comment call Graeme James 250-762-2861.

Real Solutions for Agriculture 

May 1, 2013

Graeme James and BC Conservatives support B.C. growers, producers and processors

May 1, 2013 - KAMLOOPS – Graeme James was on hand with John Cummins this morning in Kamloops to release a major agricultural initiative of significant benefit to Okanagan producers. A BC Conservative government would support growers, ranchers, fishers and processors with a branded communications program called “My British Columbia” to sustainably build capacity within BC’s agriculture industry. A BC Conservative government would also provide families and businesses with an annual tax credit of up to $500 to encourage increased purchases of qualifying locally grown, raised, caught and processed agri-food products at retailers, restaurants and farmers markets throughout British Columbia.

My British Columbia would provide shoppers and diners with a tangible incentive to choose locally grown, raised, caught and processed agri-food products more often. The program would also provide businesses within the agri-food sector with access to branded communications tools to aid in the accurate identification and promotion of BC agri-food products at home and outside the province nationally and globally.

“Agriculture is an important part of B.C.’s past and present, and we must ensure it remains key to B.C.’s future,” said BC Conservative Leader John Cummins. “My British Columbia is an important step forward for B.C. agriculture.”

Growers, processors, fishers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, nurseries, schools, hospitals and agri-tourism operators all have a place in the B.C. agriculture and agri-food industries. The BC Conservative plan will support their roles with this new branding initiative.

My British Columbia would:

  • Provide a tax credit of up to $500 to families and businesses to encourage increased purchases of qualifying locally grown, raised, caught and processed agri-food products

-  Provide agri-food operators with incentives and online branded collaterals to source and feature locally grown, raised and processed products

-  Increase food security by celebrating investments by agri-food operators participating in or meeting standards set by existing certification bodies

-  Define a British Columbia product as one that is 100% grown, raised or caught within British Columbia, not 51% grown, raised or caught as other parties define them

-  Support farmers during periods of severe environmental stress

-  Commit to ongoing research and industry consultation to acknowledge the importance of BC’s agriculture industries.

My British Columbia is part of the BC Conservative plan to get BC back to basics. The BC Conservatives are the only party committed to balancing the budget, getting spending under control, making life more affordable for families, and bringing high-paying jobs to British Columbia.



My British Columbia would:

Provide families and businesses with a tax credit of up to $500 per year to encourage them to buy qualifying locally grown, raised, caught, or processed agri-food products at retailers, restaurants, and farmer’s markets across BC.

Provide operators across all levels of British Columbia’s agri-food value chain (growers, processors, fishers, distributors, retailers, restaurants, nurseries, schools, hospitals and agri-tourism operators) with the incentives and online branded collaterals necessary to proactively source and prominently feature locally grown, raised and processed agri-food products.

Increase food security in British Columbia by celebrating the considerable investments made by agri-food operators that participate in and/or meet the exemplary standards set by existing certification bodies such as OceanWise, SPCA Certified, COABC and HealthCheck .  Future program recognitions may expand to include GMO labelling and biodiversity.

Define a British Columbia product as any product that is 100% grown, raised or caught within British Columbia.  Agri-food products processed outside of British Columbia may qualify under this definition, provided that the primary ingredient(s) of these products are 100% grown, raised and/or caught within British Columbia.  Other parties define a BC product as any product that is majority (51%) grown, raised, caught and/or processed in British Columbia.  This means that a jar of jam can be labelled as “Product of British Columbia” so long as the berries from Mexico are processed in BC. It is very misleading.

Support farmers during periods of severe environmental stress.

Commit to ongoing research and industry consultation to acknowledge how important agriculture is to British Columbia.


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For comment call Graeme James 250-762-2861.

Special Release:

April 26, 2013


“I just spent $65 Million in advertising and all I got was this lousy radio anchor”


Graeme James, Kelowna Lake Country BC Conservative candidate was extremely disappointed to learn that a radio news anchor in Kelowna, Wendy McLeod with AM 1150 was removed from the air because all the while she was on air in a presumably unbiased professional journalistic role, she was volunteering on Norm Letnick’s campaign.

Langara College Journalism Professor Ross Howard says McLeod was clearly in a conflict of interest, according the CBC report filed this morning.

“Norm should never have allowed her to work on his campaign while she was in that capacity, it just looks like a really inappropriate relationship and poor judgment on his part”, said James

Taxpayers should be outraged, this is exactly why many provinces have and should have prohibitions against taxpayer funded government advertising because it creates this incestuous revolving door relationship between politicians and the media and that was clearly the Liberal government agenda to intentionally influence the main stream media in BC to the detriment of the public discourse and a level playing field.

“This is anti-democratic, they have tried to buy the media with your money. This is just another reason you can’t trust the Liberals, they have repeatedly lied, they have lied about the HST, they lied about the balancing the budget, and they tried to buy the media with a $65 million advertising campaign, but thankfully the public is not buying it.” Said James.


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For comment call Graeme James 250-762-2861.

Special Release:

April 12, 2013


Letnick Refusal to Debate Agriculture Issues Unacceptable


Kelowna-Lake Country Conservative candidate Graeme James says he is, “surprised and disappointed” with Provincial Agriculture Minister Norm Letnick’s refusal to take part in a proposed one-on-one debate on agriculture.

“Norm’s refusal to openly and publicly discuss pressing agricultural issues is clearly unacceptable. If issues of this magnitude do not warrant the Agriculture Minister’s involvement than what does,” and incredulous James asks.

James challenged Letnick to the debate Thursday afternoon, however Letnick quickly declined saying he would be willing to discuss the matter during a broader all candidates event later this month. 

James reiterated that he would gladly open the debate to all the candidates in the Kelowna-Lake Country riding, but wanted the whole focus of the separate debate to revolve around the urgent issues facing agriculture.

“Residents of this riding are very connected to agriculture issues. We have a lot of people who directly or indirectly make a living with orchards or farms and they want to hear clear answers,” James fumed Friday morning.

Thursday evening Letnick told Castanet newsroom, "In the last election, I participated in three or four debates. Debates are a very important part of a campaign, but so are coffee parties, door knocking, phone calling, social media etc.”

That response is, “mind boggling” according to James, “his (Letnick’s) characterization of discussing those issues as being as important as a ‘coffee party’ are an affront to the entire food production industry in the Okanagan and to those concerned about their health as it relates to GMO’s.

“Mr. Letnick’s flippant response has trivialized the legitimate issues facing food producers and consumers alike - and shows either a callous lack of concern, or at best, that he is completely out of his depth on this important portfolio.”

 “The people of Kelowna Lake Country and British Columbia deserve better,” James summarized.

More information on Graeme James please go to:

For comment call Graeme James 250-762-2861.

April 11, 2013

James challenges Letnick to agriculture debate

Kelowna-Lake Country voters will have a lively debate to attend sometime during the next month if Kelowna-Lake Country Conservative candidate Graeme James has his way.

James has challenged current Kelowna-Lake Country Liberal MLA Norm Letnick to an open debate regarding agriculture issues in B.C. Premier Christy Clark appointed Letnick Minister of Agriculture earlier this year.

“Agriculture is a major backbone to our local and provincial economy and has been disgracefully treated by the current Liberal government,” James says. “The future of agriculture is not only in great crises here in Kelowna-Lake Country, and the Okanagan Valley – but likewise across the province. With close to a dozen agriculture ministers over the last 11 years it's clear that agriculture holds very little importance with this Liberal government. The agriculture budget has been slashed year after year and has left the ministry in shambles”.

James adds that a number of other related issues around agriculture remain unresolved or need immediate attention.

“The ‘replant program’ needs long term support from the government so orchardists can look to the future instead of worrying in the present. The Liberal government is standing on the sidelines regarding GMO regulations and labelling while GMO apples and alfalfa pose imminent danger to BC agriculture. It seems Minister Letnick and his Liberal cohorts have no idea how to deal with them,” James suggested Thursday.

James says he will gladly meet with Letnick, “anytime and anywhere” to discuss the various issues.

“I have the greatest respect for Mr. Letnick, but I question his real knowledge of the importance and urgency facing agriculture. We need an Agriculture Minister who not only understands the issues, but is also willing to fight for the farmer and orchardist,” James fumes.

James, a former Kelowna City Councillor and Regional District Director says he’s has spent his life involved in the agriculture industry and believes he can bring knowledge and experience to the struggling industry if elected.

James said he is fully prepared to debate the issues with Letnick under any format and welcomes any moderator including media to help organize or run the head to head forum.

More information on Graeme James please go to:

For comment call Graeme James 250-762-2861.

Thanks for visiting my site. I am your BC Conservative Party Candidate for Kelowna Lake Country in the up coming election May 14, 2013.

April 10, 2013

B.C. Conservatives want to get tough on gang criminals


A B.C. Conservative provincial government wants to get tough on gang crime.

Party leader John Cummins was in Kelowna this morning to unveil an election platform promise to voters, spending $4 million to hire 10 prosecutors who will make up a Northern and Interior B.C. Gang Crime Prosecutors Unit.

Cummins said complex gang trials have placed a “tremendous strain” on an already overburdened justice system, driving up the cost of seeing charges against gang members being dealt with in court.

We must do a better job of putting gang criminals in prison, and that's exactly what our Gang Crime Prosecutors Unit will do,” Cummins said at a press conference, flanked by local Conservative MLA candidates Graeme James (Kelowna-Lake Country), Brian Guillou (Westside-Kelowna) and Mike McLoughlin (Kelowna-Mission).

Cummins said the Conservative Party belief that gang crime and violence is not limited to only the Lower Mainland.

Cummins also promised a Conservative government in Victoria would encourage more sentencing options for addicts in the criminal justice system, saying he would pledge $4 million and more resources to enhance successful programs like drug court, which assists addicts in breaking the cycle of addiction.

Cummins said the cost of the initiative will be covered by the previously announced $700 million to increase justice funding that was laid out in the B.C. Conservative's Budget and Fiscal Framework.

Cummins also had some unpleasant words for former federal Conservative MP Stockwell Day, who is making a number of appearances this week at various Liberal campaign offices across the Okanagan.

Asked why Day was supporting the Liberals rather than his Conservatives, Cummins said that has raised some eybrows among his party supporters.

It seems a bit out of character to do that (support the Liberals) but he is involved in government relations now so I guess he figures that is the right side to be on, to be where the money is,” Cummins said.

There is some controversy about what he's doing but in the end we all have the right to choose our own friends.”


APRIL 4, 2013

For Immediate Release:

April 4, 2013

Graeme James calls for BC Environment Minister to Resign 

B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake, ``should do the honorable thing and quit,” according to Kelowna – Lake Country Conservative Candidate Graeme James.

“With the ongoing debacle around Pacific Carbon Trust, it is clear Terry Lake must resign. What is not clear is if something more sinister is at play - and that needs to be investigated,” says an irate James.

“The Pacific Carbon Trust is one of the biggest shell games ever perpetrated by a government in power. It is shameful and time that this sort of misleading activity cease,” James announced Thursday in Kelowna.

James, a former Kelowna City Councilor, says the current controversy involving the Pacific Carbon Trust has angered thousands of B.C. residents and created even more distrust with the provincial Liberal government.

James maintains the Pacific Carbon Trust has redirected $50 million of public health care and education dollars (over $2.5 million out of the Okanagan region alone) to finance private industry, which, in turn, funnels a portion of taxpayers' money back to the Liberal Party as donations.

In another blatant misuse of taxpayer's money, the Pacific Carbon Trust used $100,000 for a consultant to discredit their own Auditor General before he exposed the Liberal Government's ongoing unethical practices in turning the program into a slush fund for their friends.

“That is clearly just another breach of the public’s trust and an indication that this current government has to go, starting with Lake,” James says.

More information on Graeme James please go to:

For comment call Graeme James 250-762-2861.

MARCH 27, 2013

Our campaign is in full swing....please consider helping out...


Liberals No Longer Able to Maintain Free Enterprise Facade


Enbridge Pipeline Green Light? Not so fast... 

Put my experience to work for you!

Graeme James was born and raised in British Columbia and spent the last 45
years living in the Okanagan Valley. 

A businessperson, land use consultant, and farmer Graeme has many years of
experience in building, construction, and electrical design. He recently
served as an elected Kelowna City Councilor, and as an appointed Director
on the Central Okanagan Regional District. In addition, Graeme has extensive
experience as an elected director on a number of different boards including
the Okanagan Basin Water Board, and the Sterile Insect Release Board.  

Graeme believes all levels of government should be fiscally responsible, and
is likewise adamant that an elected candidate must always represent his
constituents above the party line.  

Graeme has consistently been a strong supporter of agriculture, and an
advocate for farmers, ranchers, and growers in British Columbia.  He brings
a strong sense of personal integrity, commitment, and honesty to all his

Graeme lives in Kelowna with his wife, Jane-Marie, and their three teenage
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